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06:37 PM | Thu, 25 Aug 2016

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Gaia Smart Cities and Stream Sign a Collaboration Agreement for Smart Cities Network Across India

170 Days ago

Gaia Smart Cities, an Indian start-up pioneering Internet of Things & smart cities solutions  has entered into an agreement with Stream Technologies to collaborate roll-out smart city networks across India.


As per the agreement reached, Stream’s award-winning ‘IoT-X’ Connectivity Management Platform, will support cellular, low-power WAN and other connectivity technologies, enabling subscription management, monitoring and monetisation of IoT connectivity networks.


IoT-X platform will provide an interface for the networks that Gaia Smart Cities plans to deploy, to which connected devices can be attached. Gaia's would commence deployment of networks initially in three major cities, including Delhi.


“India is an exciting and substantial opportunity for a company like ours. The state-of-art and the latest LPWAN technologies such as LoRa and SigFox will open up some immense opportunities for this market.  We are delighted to be engaging with Gaia in participating in this market,” said Mr. Negel Chadwick, Chief Executive Officer of Stream Technologies.


Due to the active participation from the initial stage of the ninety eight (98) proposed smart cities announced by the central government. Gaia has the first mover advantage in the smart cities domain in India. “India is indeed a very promising market and Gaia will bring in the best technologies as the segment unfolds. Partnering with Stream Technologies will now take the value proposition in the ecosystem a notch higher and will accelerate the solution development,” said Dr. Sumit Chowdhury, Founder & CEO of Gaia Smart Cities (Former President of Reliance Jio).


Together both companies aim at the emerging segment of Smart Cities and its technology requirements that would unfold in the coming months. The alliance will bring in world class proven solutions and technologies to help cities achieve their goals.


About Gaia Smart Cities

Gaia Smart Cities is the one of its kind Indian company that is pioneering in a National Grid for Internet of Things and innovative solutions for smart cities. Gaia offers services around consulting, networks, managed services and platforms and is actively engaged in developing plans for a clutch of cities under the smart cities initiative by GoI. Gaia will help cities & Citizens, Government, Academia, and Industries to Design, Develop and Deploy products and solutions for a truly interconnected and intelligent city.


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About Stream Technologies

Stream has been providing uncompromised M2M services since 2000 making us one of the longest established M2M & IoT connectivity companies. Stream delivers end to end 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE, LPRN and Satellite services designed for IoT/M2M on a global basis. Customers include SME’s, ‘Blue Chip’ organisations and multi national corporations that span over 25+ sectors.


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